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How to Use a Spray Tan Machine to Get a Natural Looking Tan?

Are you looking for the best way to get tan? Several people have started investing their money in professional spray tan machines to get a more natural-looking tan. Before you start using a machine to get tanned skin, knowing the right ways to use the spray tan is a crucial step in professional-looking results.

How to Use Spray Tan Machine

How to Get Tanned Skin Using a Spray Tan Machine?

Prepare the Skin

Exfoliating the skin properly is a vital step to get the best even tan. From the topmost layer of the skin, you have to scrub and remove all the dead skin cells so that the tan looks even and natural after using a spray tan machine professional.

Apply Barrier Cream

Your feet, hands, knees, and elbows are extremely dry areas that can absorb the spray tan solution easily. Hence, you should apply barrier cream on these parts of the body to look darker compared to the face.

Choose a Well-Ventilated Area to Get Tanned

Most people don’t realize the importance of using a spray tan machine in a room with proper ventilation. If you use this machine in a poorly ventilated area, there is a high risk of inhaling the spray. Moreover, while using the spray machine, you should stand on a towel so that the floor doesn’t get stained. Continue reading “How to Use a Spray Tan Machine to Get a Natural Looking Tan?”

How to Tell Difference in DND DC Gel and Regular Nail Polish

Pretty nails are important for every fashionista. Even if you don’t put much effort into how you look, you would still use nail polish every now and then. DND DC colors go even with minimalist style.  That said, not everyone fully understands how they can flaunt their nails. They can see a few styles on the internet and try them at home, but it’s unlikely that they will achieve the style they were going for. This is why many women and men choose to go to a parlor. However, you don’t always have the time to visit a parlor just to get your nails done.

How to Tell Difference in DND DC Gel and Regular Nail Polish

You should be able to do that at your home. It won’t be as good as the work of a professional, but you will get better with time. You will have to start with gaining an understanding of different types of nail polishes and when you should use them. Many get confused when it comes to DND DC gel polish and regular nail polish. Both are good with their own pros and cons, but you should know when and how to use which polish. Here is an article to get you started by helping you understand the difference between DND DC gel polish and regular nail polish.

Difference between DND DC gel polish and regular nail polish

Gel Requires LED Light

You should know that regular polish is very simple to apply. If you are doing this for the first time, you should not start with gel DND DC. You only have to open the bottle and start applying the polish on your nails if you get the regular one. Continue reading “How to Tell Difference in DND DC Gel and Regular Nail Polish”

Master the Nugenesis Dip Powder Manicure with Ease

Though nail manicures are cosmetic embellishments, one should admire them because they add to your overall glamor quotient. It takes much effort to master a specific nail manicuring style. In these days of pandemic lockdowns, going for a DIY nail manicure is the best option. Hence, it entails that everyone should know about the nuances in a dip powder manicure. Let us discuss the Nugenesis dip colors manicure procedure in detail. This article also touches upon the dip powder removal aspects and helps you master the technique with ease.

Master the Nugenesis Dip Powder Manicure with Ease

Step by Step Apply Nugenesis Dip Powder

Get your things ready

Before you embark on your Nugenesis nails job, it is better to get your ingredients ready on hand. Otherwise, you would keep searching high and low with nail polish dripping all over the place. Your nail polish kit should include the nail cutter for shaping your nails properly. The sterilized nail file can help smoothen the edges. The nail buff helps to rough up the nail surface to enable the basecoat to stick to it. Continue reading “Master the Nugenesis Dip Powder Manicure with Ease”

OPI Dip Nails Travel Tips to Help Your Manicures Last Long

With the easing of pandemic lockdown restrictions globally, more people are traveling around the world. It can be for official or tourist reasons, but you must take care of your OPI dip powder color during your travel sojourns.

Here are some issues that you can face during travel:

When traveling, you do not have access to your favored nail salon. Different countries have different ways of handling dip powder manicures. You might not feel comfortable, especially with unknown salon technicians working on your nails.

There is always a risk of contracting nail infections if you resort to unhygienic practices. These infections can be painful and take time to heal. Continue reading “OPI Dip Nails Travel Tips to Help Your Manicures Last Long”

Best Youthful Skin Products

Top 6 Best Youthful Skin Products – Skin Care Tips

With the passage of time, skin starts to lose its glamour and begins to fade out. Sometimes wrinkles and aging signs begin to appear too early from the age. This might happen if you don’t take proper care of your skin and it starts to become dull and look aged. You should start using products for youthful skin as early as possible and the best age to start is late 20s when you are just about to step into the wrinkles and aging era. We researched on a number of skin care products formulated especially to keep your skin young and bright. The compilation given below consists of few of the best of these products. Let’s dive right into their details without wasting any more time.

NEOCUTIS Bio Serum Firm

Amazon best-selling product B081KMCB8X

NEOCUTIS serum has fantastic collagen restoring abilities. It works to the deepest layers of the skin and helps in bringing back the youthful glow. Within a few days of using this serum, you will get a skin you used to have in your younger days. It makes your skin firm and elastic and helps in the restoration of collagen. The essential elastic enhancing factors are grown and restored.

SUNATORIA Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

Amazon best-selling product B07R16LBDL

SUNATORIA peel off mask provides deep and gentle cleansing to your skin. This is one of the top charcoal mask and you might not find a better product than this. The activated charcoal extracts out all the stubborn blackheads from the skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The removal of impurities makes skin healthy and beautiful. The product has received multiple certifications proving its efficacy and safety for all skin types.

Belléclat Anti Aging Collagen Moisturizer

Amazon best-selling product B018WO4MM2

Provision of continuous moisture to the skin is necessary to keep the skin healthy and youthful. This moisturizer does the job effectively. It keeps the moisture balanced and thus wrinkles and fine lines appear to the minimum level. It makes skin soft and supple while restoring all the collagen as well the natural hydration balance of your skin. Continue reading “Top 6 Best Youthful Skin Products – Skin Care Tips”

The 4 Nail Trends to Expect in 2021

2020 is coming to an end, and it is time to begin the new year with a fantastic array of nail designs. There are reasons why girls feel over the moon when close to the dawn of a new year. They get the license to experiment with a new line of trendy nail polish designs and be at their best right from the first day of the new year.

You have an exciting range of colors to choose from when you opt for the best in the business, SNS dip powder nails. This article discusses some of the exciting nail trends to expect in 2021.

Top Nail Trends to Expect

An Updated French Manicure

French manicures have always been the favorite of girls throughout history. No matter how common it is, girls worldwide love to experiment with the myriad options a French manicure gives them. It has been one of the top trends of 2020 and is guaranteed to maintain its pole position in the new year, as well.

The striking aspect of a French manicure is that it lets people take advantage of the “Classy meets Cool look.” These combos suit women of all ages from six to sixty and thus have managed to reign at the top for years. Continue reading “The 4 Nail Trends to Expect in 2021”

The Best LDS Dipping Powder Colors and Designs

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so they say. Almost every manicure lover is fascinated by the idea of creating art and drawing on nails during free time. An accountant by day and a nail artist by night, Amy Wong proves that dream big if you love something.

Every woman wants to look good more often, and this can be ensured by applying a colorful nail polish because it never grows old. Various brands ensure that they meet the needs of every manicure lover. Lavis Dip System (LDS) is a company that manufactures healthy and high-quality intense nail powders to give you a satisfied nails.

LDS Dip Powder design

LDS dipping powder is a coherency of glue-type essentials and dip powder that hardens when it gets exposed to air and leaves a long-lasting color. Unlike other polishes, LDS has no pungent smell that is often associated with gel or acrylic nails. It enables you to create quality nails at home since no UV or LED lamp is required. This product is ideal for weak nails since it decreases bending and snapping to keep your nails looking flawless.

The list of LDS colors available in the market is endless. However, you are required to consider your lifestyle, budget, and time before choosing a color. To get the best out of your choice, remove all existing polish, then apply a bond to remove any oils. After, the surface is apply a base coat (on set 5 liquids)  and natural dip powder for durability. A couple of layers are applied using the base coat, after which you dip the nails into a highly pigmented LDS dip powder or pour it on the nail. It can last for two to four weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. There are different shades of the product, such as;

Ombre – This is obtained by combining two or more colors, which creates a beautiful effect. The nature of the fine powder makes it easy to create this look. Continue reading “The Best LDS Dipping Powder Colors and Designs”

Essentials of Baby First Aid Kit That Every Parent Should Know

At the time of emergency, having all the things on hand is always a blessing. When there are small kids around, emergencies are more likely to occur. When a small kid gets hurt, the parents or caretaker gets panicked at once and it is quite natural. So in this situation, if the caretaker has a proper knowledge about how to give first aid to the kid, worst situations could be avoided. Having a baby first aid kit at home is a must-have for all the parents. The person taking care of the baby should know where the kit is placed and should know how to use every material in the kit when the child meets any accident.

Baby First Aid Kit

Necessary Material in the Kit

If your kid is an infant, use a rectal thermometer to record his temperature because small kids usually show non compliance to oral thermometer and they may also chew the Mercury.

A digital ear model can also be used  especially in toddlers because it is safe to use.

A pair of tweezers comes handy especially to remove splinters and ticks. They can be used to remove small fibers from the wound.

The kit should contain a Pair of scissors for cutting gauze and bandages. Continue reading “Essentials of Baby First Aid Kit That Every Parent Should Know”

How to Practice Tattooing

Have you ever thought about the differences between drawing on paper and drawing on skin?

Have you wondered what you can do to become a professional tattoo artist?

Then let’s begin with how to practice tattooing.

Practice Tattooing

Pencil to Pen to Skin

Tattooing is permanent, so it’s good to get into a certain mindset.

It’s fine to sketch with pencils to practice your art. But as you plan to become a tattoo artist, it’s time to use pens and markers more often.

With ink, you can’t just erase a mistake. You have to go back and find a way to fix it creatively.

Get used to working with ink, even if it’s on paper. Trace designs and create your own.

Then transition from paper to more difficult media.

How to Get Used to Drawing on Skin

Drawing on paper is easy compared to drawing on a contoured surface. That’s why artists practice on fruit.

Grab a Sharpie, and an apple then try to reproduce something you like to draw.

How hard is it to keep the perspective and the proportions accurate on the apple?

Don’t worry; you’ll get used to it. Just keep drawing.

Practicing on People

Now it’s time to draw on your friends and family and yourself. And I do mean literally draw on them.

Put down the Sharpie and pick up a non-toxic marker, preferably the washable kind.

Now, doodle away on hands, arms, legs, and so forth.

Get used to how it feels to have a client who might have trouble sitting still.

Up the ante by adding weights to the marker. This will help simulate what it feels like to hold a tattoo iron.

Weigh out about three ounces of metal washers or nuts and slip them over the pen. Secure them with rubber bands.

How does the extra weight affect your control? How fast does it tire out your hand?

In time, you’ll become stronger.

Upgrading Tools

Are you still enthusiastic about becoming a tattoo artist? Then you need the proper tools.

Take a look at the best tattoo machine brands to become familiar with what’s available.

As you shop for tattoo machines, you’ll see that there are two main kinds. But you don’t need to make a decision now between coil or rotary machines.

Continue reading “How to Practice Tattooing”

Reduce Stress with Essential Oils

Life is stressful.

Too much stress leads to poor health and damaged relationships. And being ill and feeling alone leads to more stress.

But you can interrupt this cycle.

Learn how to reduce stress with essential oils.

Reduce Stress with Essential Oils

How to Start Using Essential Oils to Lower Stress and Anxiety

The simplest way to begin using essential oils is to open a bottle and take a deep breath.

Scents like lavender and bergamot are scientifically proven to reduce stress (1).

Just smelling them is enough to encourage relaxation.

If you dilute the oils, you can put them on your body.

Grab a bottle of unscented lotion or olive oil, pour out one teaspoon of that, then mix in two drops of essential oil. Now it’s safe to rub into your skin.

Combining essential oils with a carrier oil lets you enjoy the fragrance for longer. It also protects your skin from irritation.

Also, some oils, like lavender, reduce inflammation, fight infection, and alleviate pain.

Diffuse a Calming Essential Oil Blend

You can enjoy a relaxing essential oil blend for longer if you diffuse it.

Ultrasonic and nebulizing diffusers are an inexpensive way to set the mood in your home or your car.

The former has a water tank similar to a humidifier. Just add four or five drops of pure essential oil, and you’ll have hours of aroma.

Continue reading “Reduce Stress with Essential Oils”