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Master the Nugenesis Dip Powder Manicure with Ease

Though nail manicures are cosmetic embellishments, one should admire them because they add to your overall glamor quotient. It takes much effort to master a specific nail manicuring style. In these days of pandemic lockdowns, going for a DIY nail manicure is the best option. Hence, it entails that everyone should know about the nuances in a dip powder manicure. Let us discuss the Nugenesis dip colors manicure procedure in detail. This article also touches upon the dip powder removal aspects and helps you master the technique with ease.

Master the Nugenesis Dip Powder Manicure with Ease

Step by Step Apply Nugenesis Dip Powder

Get your things ready

Before you embark on your Nugenesis nails job, it is better to get your ingredients ready on hand. Otherwise, you would keep searching high and low with nail polish dripping all over the place. Your nail polish kit should include the nail cutter for shaping your nails properly. The sterilized nail file can help smoothen the edges. The nail buff helps to rough up the nail surface to enable the basecoat to stick to it.

One should ensure to purchase high-quality basecoat, dipping powder, and topcoat application. Our website should prove equal to the task as we offer an exhaustive range of excellent products on display at affordable prices.

Prepare your nails

It is advisable to cut excessive nail lengths and keep them at manageable levels. Use a nail file to smooth out the edges. One should take care of the cuticles. An orangewood cuticle pusher is ideal for pushing the cuticles back into their grooves gently. Applying polish to the cuticle area can result in the nail lifting at the edges. It can damage your appearance and also allow bacterial growth, resulting in nail health issues.

The basecoat application

Apply the basecoat in a thin layer over the nail surface, leaving a small space at the nail base to avoid the cuticles. One should remember that the Nugenesis powder sticks to the basecoat and not to the nails. Therefore, it is better to exercise care at the initial stage itself. One should not apply more than one basecoat layer to thicken the nail manicure and make it look unpleasant.

The dip powder manicure part

You can apply dip powder in two ways. One way is to dip the nails into the bottle at a 45-degree angle and roll the finger gently to allow the powder to stick to the basecoat. Remove the finger and dust the excess polish using a fine brush. You can dip your finger multiple times to ensure you get a perfect coat.

The alternative is to pour the dip powder on the nail directly and use a brush to even it out. Though this process can result in dip powder wastage, it is a hygienic process. Dipping your nails into the bottle is an unhealthy way of applying polish. Multiple people use the same powder. If anyone using before you had a nail infection, it can pass on to you.

The topcoat activator

Finally, the topcoat activator gel application seals the powder in place. It helps the dip powder bond with the basecoat and forms a beautiful layer of nail polish on your nails. Applying multiple topcoat layers can enhance the overall shine and give your nails a glossy finish. If you need a matte finish, you should restrict the topcoat application to a maximum of two layers.

The topcoat application dries within no time. You now have one of the most beautiful Nugenesis nail colors in town to display on your social media profiles. Let us now discuss the procedure to remove dip powder manicures.

Dip Powder Removal

The dip powder manicure lasts comfortably for up to three to four weeks. Subsequently, the natural nail growth forces you to remove the dip powder manicure. Here is the recommended procedure.

File your nails gently to scrape away at the excessive dip powder coating. It makes your job easy.

Take some sterilized cotton balls and dip them in acetone nail polish remover solution. Place these balls on your nails and secure them with an aluminum wrap. Leave the wrap for about half an hour to let the acetone soak into your nails.

Remove the wrap and cotton balls to find the nail polish layer sliding off the nails with ease. Wash your hands with soap and water. Massage your nails and cuticle areas with cuticle oil to help rejuvenate your nails.

Give a break of at least a week to let your nails recover from the dehydrating effects of acetone. Have fresh fruits and drink plenty of water to enhance the nail rejuvenation process. After a week, you can have a new Nugenesis dip powder manicure.


Practice the dip powder application and removal process and become an expert. It will save you time and money. Besides, you need not go out during the pandemic searching for a nail salon.