Madison Valgari

How to Tell Difference in DND DC Gel and Regular Nail Polish

Pretty nails are important for every fashionista. Even if you don’t put much effort into how you look, you would still use nail polish every now and then. DND DC colors go even with minimalist style.  That said, not everyone fully understands how they can flaunt their nails. They can see a few styles on the internet and try them at home, but it’s unlikely that they will achieve the style they were going for. This is why many women and men choose to go to a parlor. However, you don’t always have the time to visit a parlor just to get your nails done.

How to Tell Difference in DND DC Gel and Regular Nail Polish

You should be able to do that at your home. It won’t be as good as the work of a professional, but you will get better with time. You will have to start with gaining an understanding of different types of nail polishes and when you should use them. Many get confused when it comes to DND DC gel polish and regular nail polish. Both are good with their own pros and cons, but you should know when and how to use which polish. Here is an article to get you started by helping you understand the difference between DND DC gel polish and regular nail polish.

Difference between DND DC gel polish and regular nail polish

Gel Requires LED Light

You should know that regular polish is very simple to apply. If you are doing this for the first time, you should not start with gel DND DC. You only have to open the bottle and start applying the polish on your nails if you get the regular one.

It doesn’t take long to dry. You can apply it and start with other chores of your routine. There is no worry about it getting messed up. It will dry quickly and stay at its place.

On the other hand, you will need an LED or UV light to dry it. This will require some extra time and you will have to clear your schedule before you apply it. You should also know that you can’t keep your hand under the LED light for too long as it can have a bad impact on your skin. However, one also can’t deny that the results you get from DND DC gel polish are the best.

Regular Polish Doesn’t Need Any Base

Usually, you have to set a complete base before you can start with DND DC. The process of building a base comprises several phases. You first take a cuticle cutter to cut the excess. Next, you will need a filer to shape your nails, and then a buffer to buff them.

Once you are done with these things, you will need a small brush to clean the nail dust. After all of this comes the time to apply the base. You can take the base of any type or brand and carefully apply it to the nails. The DND DC gel polish is applied on top of that base. You can create multiple layers of gel polish to get the look you desire.

None of this is a problem if you are using regular nail polish. It doesn’t require any base. However, it is suggested that you clean your nails before you apply them.

Check Consistency

If you are having a problem differentiating between the regular and DND DC gel polish, you should check their consistency. If it’s thick, it’s gel.

You might have confusion understanding how thick it is supposed to be. Try to check both polishes when possible. This way you would know how thick means gel. It’s the simplest way to differentiate between the two.

Just because the gel is thicker doesn’t mean that regular polish would be like liquid. When you apply them to nails, they won’t flow away. They will stay at their place and dry there. Don’t forget that the gel will take longer to dry.

Gel has Opaque Bottles

If you are out buying nail polish and you don’t know if the bottle is regular or DND DC gel polish, you can tell by its bottle.

The gel has an opaque bottle. This means you are unable to see through the bottle what is inside it. If you can see the stuff inside, it’s a regular polish. Gel polish has to be protected against light or it goes bad. This is why it is always sold in an opaque bottle.


You should understand the goals you plan to achieve through nail polish before you decide whether you will use gel or regular. The gel has better results and stays longer, but the regular polish is much easier and faster to apply. It wouldn’t make any difference what you are applying if you don’t apply it right. You should also know that it takes energy to take off the gel polish.