Madison Valgari

Seven Colors That Men Love Their Women to Wear on Their Nails

If you think you always make the color choices for your nails, you are in for a massive surprise. Do you know that the guys in your lives influence your decision to choose your nail shades? Many women might disagree, but it is a globally recognized fact. So, why do you wear attractive gel colors on your nails? Put this question to women worldwide, and the answer you receive will be to appear glamorous. Besides, we agree with your response. So, the prime objective of having the best gel nail polish is to attract the opposite gender. Therefore, men do play a crucial role in deciding which color you have on your nails.

Here are some excellent nail color and pattern choices that can help attract your beloved to you.

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Red is the universal choice

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Red is the perennial choice when it comes to satisfying the attraction quotient. But, do you know that both men and women love the red color but for entirely different reasons?

Women love it because it makes them more presentable and signifies a high status. She looks dominant when wearing red gel nail polish. It makes her look confident and lets her make a forceful statement.

On the other hand, men term red as a sensual color that arouses their passionate feelings. Men also view women with red nail polish as high on the social ladder. They equate red with money.

So, red signifies high status.

Pink signifies innocence

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Pink has always been considered an innocent color. It brings out the child from within you. Men also think women with pink nails are petite and thus act protective of them. They feel they have an inbuilt responsibility to protect women, especially those with an innocent appearance.

Pinks come in various shades, with the lighter pinks exuding innocence, whereas the darker hues serve as the perfect transition from innocence to maturity.

So, we can infer that men love their sisters to wear pink. But, at the same time, they prefer their girlfriends to wear reds.

The nudes are perfect for every occasion

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Men would like women to look attractive, and there cannot be a more attractive gel nail polish shade than the nudes. The most exciting aspect of the nude shades is that they suit every skin tone. People with tanned skin can go for the darker nude hues, whereas the light nudes favor those with fairer skin.

The nudes are beautiful on your nails because they bring out your inherent beauty and enable you to make a forceful fashion statement. You can tweak the nude shades to suit your attire for specific occasions.

The light blue shade looks heavenly

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Men love blue the most after reds. So, they would appreciate it if their beloved wore light blue shades and made them look attractive. Light blue is the simplest of all colors because it exudes a transparent look. Women with soft blue nails seem more open about their nature than those opting for the darker blue hues. Men love women who are not secretive. They like to socialize with women who trust them a lot. So, we can also say that light blue signifies trust.

White is the most peaceful color one can find

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

White signifies peace wherever you go. Women wearing white dresses seem more at peace with themselves and others than women with dark-colored clothing. The advantage of white is that it exudes a feeling of nothing to hide. In addition, men associate women with white nails as soft-spoken and less argumentative. These qualities appeal to men and make you attractive. So, if you wish to win your man over to your side, white is the color to go.

The chocolate brown arouses the highest passion

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Chocolate is always associated with sensuality. Who does not love watching a woman gulp down a chocolate bar? Similarly, chocolaty brown gel colors arouse your passions to the next level. Moreover, the color looks deliciously attractive. So, if a man insists you wear chocolate brown nails, it is sure that he is interested in entering into a long-term commitment with you. So, you can expect the question to pop up anytime.

Have fun with the yellows

Best Nail Colors Women to Wear on Their Nails

Yellow is the most fun-filled color when it comes to gel polish. However, it requires guts to carry off the yellows because they do not suit all attire and occasions. But, men who love adventure prefer their women to experiment with yellow. They appreciate the guts you show in carrying off this beautiful hue with aplomb.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly women choose the color gel they would love to have on their nails. But, their minds keep working subconsciously in the background about what the men in their lives would prefer them to wear. So, men play a crucial role in deciding what nail colors you wear.