Madison Valgari

The 4 Nail Trends to Expect in 2021

2020 is coming to an end, and it is time to begin the new year with a fantastic array of nail designs. There are reasons why girls feel over the moon when close to the dawn of a new year. They get the license to experiment with a new line of trendy nail polish designs and be at their best right from the first day of the new year.

You have an exciting range of colors to choose from when you opt for the best in the business, SNS dip powder nails. This article discusses some of the exciting nail trends to expect in 2021.

Top Nail Trends to Expect

An Updated French Manicure

French manicures have always been the favorite of girls throughout history. No matter how common it is, girls worldwide love to experiment with the myriad options a French manicure gives them. It has been one of the top trends of 2020 and is guaranteed to maintain its pole position in the new year, as well.

The striking aspect of a French manicure is that it lets people take advantage of the “Classy meets Cool look.” These combos suit women of all ages from six to sixty and thus have managed to reign at the top for years.

You can always try out something different by switching out the white tip and replacing it with a color signifying a lot of fun, such as cherry red. A two-colored layer can work wonders. Alternatively, you have the freedom to cross two different trends by selecting a metallic color to decorate your nail tips.

A Mix and Match Manicure

The year 2020 has seen a riot of colors reigning supreme. There is no reason why 2021 should be any different, especially with fabulous new colors coming out with amazing regularity throughout the year. SNS dip nails gives you a fantastic range of colors, whereby you can pick out your favorites from nudes to moody hues or neon, depending on your preferences.

The mix-and-match manicure allows you to experiment with an entire range of warm and toasty colors from orange to pink and light to dark.

Nude colors never go out of fashion

Another shade that sits well on all kinds of nails is the nude color. The simple chocolate brown might seem innocuous but packs a powerful punch when you wear it on your nails. It enhances the overall beauty of your nails and increases the attractiveness quotient.

SNS nails has a fantastic range of basic nudes to choose from to make a compelling fashion statement at the beginning of the new year.

Experiment with the asymmetrical French manicure

If you feel that you have had enough of the French manicure, you can try out the asymmetrical French manicure and bring out the artist in you. The French manicures have been the toast of the town in recent times, with the asymmetrical design making tremendous waves in the latter half of 2020.

We have seen four excellent designs that can rule in the new year and much beyond that. Meanwhile, we shall discuss how to apply the perfect dip powder manicure and have the time of your life.

How to Do Dip Nails Tutorial

You start by preparing your nails for the dip powder manicure. It involves filing off the edges and making it as smooth as possible. Any frayed tips can cause the powder to lift and look ungainly. One should also push back the cuticle and prevent its contact with dip powder color.

You need to wipe out the debris clean from your nails using a lint-free cloth. You can also wash your nails with sanitized soap and water. However, you should ensure to dry your nails thoroughly before proceeding with the dip powder manicure. The presence of moisture on the nails can prove a breeding ground for bacteria, thereby leading to unhealthy nails.

The next procedure is to apply the base coat evenly all over the nail surface while leaving a small area near the cuticle. A single coating should suffice as a thick coat can make the entire job look smudgy.

Sprinkle SNS colors over your nails and even it out using a thin brush. One should take care to brush off the excess powder from the nails to ensure a uniform application. Many people suggest dipping the nail into the powder, but it is not a hygienic practice.

The next procedure involves applying the activator gel that helps bind the powder to the nail bed and give it a shiny appearance. Finally, you have to use the topcoat and finish off the dip powder manicure. The best feature of using SNS nail powder color is that the procedure does not require curing under a UV lamp.


Now, your dip powder manicure is ready for exhibiting on your social media handles. Experiment with the designs discussed above and begin the new year with a bang.