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The Best LDS Dipping Powder Colors and Designs

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so they say. Almost every manicure lover is fascinated by the idea of creating art and drawing on nails during free time. An accountant by day and a nail artist by night, Amy Wong proves that dream big if you love something.

Every woman wants to look good more often, and this can be ensured by applying a colorful nail polish because it never grows old. Various brands ensure that they meet the needs of every manicure lover. Lavis Dip System (LDS) is a company that manufactures healthy and high-quality intense nail powders to give you a satisfied nails.

LDS Dip Powder design

LDS dipping powder is a coherency of glue-type essentials and dip powder that hardens when it gets exposed to air and leaves a long-lasting color. Unlike other polishes, LDS has no pungent smell that is often associated with gel or acrylic nails. It enables you to create quality nails at home since no UV or LED lamp is required. This product is ideal for weak nails since it decreases bending and snapping to keep your nails looking flawless.

The list of LDS colors available in the market is endless. However, you are required to consider your lifestyle, budget, and time before choosing a color. To get the best out of your choice, remove all existing polish, then apply a bond to remove any oils. After, the surface is apply a base coat (on set 5 liquids)  and natural dip powder for durability. A couple of layers are applied using the base coat, after which you dip the nails into a highly pigmented LDS dip powder or pour it on the nail. It can last for two to four weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow. There are different shades of the product, such as;

Ombre – This is obtained by combining two or more colors, which creates a beautiful effect. The nature of the fine powder makes it easy to create this look.

French – This manicure provides you with a classic and elegant look. The design is created with ease, using a pale pink and a white powder. To create a French nails, choose for a classic white tone on the ends nails.

Red Christmas – This design brings some festive cheer to your fingers during the holiday season.

Cute – These take inspiration from fun flamingos and mix various pink shades with blue glitter. Flamingos are fun, but what about colorful macaws? You can get this look by combining blue and yellow with a smattering of green glitter on your nails.

You can also create color blocks by starting at the tip and dipping higher into different powders. The process of removing powder manicures is relatively easy. Begin by removing the top layer of gel polish, and then soak your nails in acetone.

LDS Dipping Powder Color

LDS has countless colors made of pigmented powder that feature the latest trends and styles. If you are looking to switch your fingernail up a bit, this is the better option since you can use the product to achieve multiple beautiful nail designs worth showing off. Some of these designs include;

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – This is easy and fun to apply. It is chip resistant and very long-lasting. Breakfast at Tiffany’s has a gel-like shiny appearance, which makes it more attractive.

You are one in a million – It is grey. It can last up to three weeks. When you apply, it is super shiny and very flexible, making it suitable for any occasion.

Sweet Disaster – While nude maybe a perfect shade for all seasons, there are also new shades intended for springs, so more reason to love it even more. It is said that those who wear nude are glamorous yet secure enough not to follow every trend.

Bruised – plum has shades ranging from lavender to plum. It has tons of shade to choose from that will indeed look good on your nails.

Forest-Ever Green – Sometimes, you might think that green is too apparent, but it is a different story if you go for the deep shade. Forest evergreen exudes nature, which in every spring, and it is an intense color that has a lot of power, making it the top choice for women who have a sense of adventure and do not shy away from risky decisions.

Just Peachy – This shade is cool, not too subtle, and not too loud. If you are looking for a shimmery poolside coral or a subtle design, there is always one for you.


The beautiful nails are always interesting and confidence of the owner. In your much effort to get the best dipping powder nail brands, to get that you need to choose a quality brand. LDS Brands is considered the most reasonable choice. When using it you will be satisfied in many respects. They are not only affordable and durable, but they give a perfect and glossy finish to your nails.