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Know How to Use Your Kiara Sky Nail Dip Kit

Of all the nail manicure techniques, dip nails are becoming the most popular. There are various reasons for the same, the most important of which is the avoidance of UV lamps for curing the polish. UV radiation is harmful to your skin. As dip manicures do not need UV exposure, people prefer to have them.

With the pandemic threat refusing to lower its intensity, people are switching to having nail manicures at home. When you decide to have a dip manicure at home, it is essential to invest in a high-quality dip kit, such as the Kiara Sky dip system. This blog discusses the various components of a Kiara Sky kit and their significance.

What Does the Nail Dip Kit Contain?

Know How to Use Your Kiara Sky Nail Dip Kit

Knowing what the nail dip kit contains is crucial because it allows you to benefit from it fully. Here are the components of your Kiara Sky nail dip system.

Basecoat Application

The basecoat application is the most crucial of all ingredients because the dip powder sticks to the basecoat and not the nail. Therefore, your basecoat application should be high-quality to stick to the nail surface. Generally, the basecoat application contains cyanoacrylates, film-formers, resins, and plasticizers. The purpose of the basecoat is to prevent the nail polish colors from staining the nails. In addition, it comes equipped with nail conditioners, vitamins, and minerals to nourish the nail surface.

Dip Powder Application

The nail dip system usually has a bottle or two of the dip powder applicant. However, you can always purchase your favorite colors separately and not rely on the ones provided in the Kiara Sky nail dip kit. Dip powder applications are separately available on our website. In addition, you can order them online. The most important aspect is to know how to use the dip powder application. It is advisable to shake the dip powder bottle thoroughly to allow the ingredients to mix well.

Topcoat Application

The topcoat application is the final part of your dip powder nail manicure. This application provides luster to your nail polish. The overall shine depends on the intensity of the topcoat application layers. If you love matte finishes, you should not have more than a couple of topcoat application layers. The more you have them, the shinier is the nail finish. The best part of the Kiara Sky system topcoat application is that it dries within minutes. Therefore, there is no need for curing the topcoat layer under a UV lamp.

Nail Polish Remover

The nail polish remover is a critical aspect of your dip nail kit. Removing the existing nail polish from your nails is essential before trying out a new application. The nail polish remover containing acetone is the most common and complete solution today. Acetone dissolves the residual nail polish from the nails and cleanses it completely. However, one should note that acetone has dehydrating properties. Therefore, it can dry your skin and nails. It explains why one should be careful when using acetone-based nail removers.

Alcohol/ Disinfectant

While removing nail polish traces is critical before a new application, one should clean the nail surface thoroughly and remove all the debris that could harbor bacteria. Using alcohol-based disinfectants is the best because alcohol kills bacteria and does not allow them to regrow.

Nail Files and Buffs

Prepping your nails is vital for any manicure. Hence, you find the Kiara Sky nail dip system, including nail files and buffs, as part of the kit. Though the nail files are sterilized before the sale, it is advisable to sterilize them by dipping them in hot water to prevent infections, especially during pandemic times.

Cuticle Pushers

Cuticles can come in the way of a good nail manicure. Hence, experts advise keeping them out. Though some women cut their cuticles, it is not advisable to do so because you could contract infections. The ideal way to treat cuticles is to push them gently into their grooves.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is ideal for massaging your nails after the manicure. It also serves a therapeutic purpose by moisturizing the nails and preventing dehydration. Nails that are treated well do not chip away or break off easily. Cuticle oil massages are necessary, especially when using acetone-based nail polish removers.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients generally found in the Kiara Sky nail dip kit include brushes, dusters, nail polish shakers, etc. These implements are vital for a decent dip nail manicure.

Final Words

In these days of the pandemic, people love to have their manicures at home. While visiting the salon, you need not worry about the kit because it is available with the salon. However, at home, your Kiara Sky dip powder is critical. Proper use of the kit helps you save time and money. Besides, you get the satisfaction of mastering your dip nail manicure.